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Innovatative packaging authentication system

opakowania z systemem detekcji

To help protect Brand Owners and costumers against possibility of counterfeiting our company has introduced an innovative system of protection

Solution that we want to offer you is combine of nano chemistry, data and system integration for various business segments. Nano tracers are introduced into the raw materials such a varnishes and paints. This type of protection is entirely safe and can be used without modyfing the manufacturing proces also invisible to the recipient. Our solution is safe in contact with food. The expert technology at our disposal is comparable to banknotes security techniques. The data read from the finished product is processed by combining authentication data with data analytics to identify product diversions and fake offerings.

Nowadays solutions in security technology are the most important element that will help protect the position of the brand developed over the years. The packaging authentication system that we want to offer you ensures complete control over the product throught out the entire chain of delivery.

What’s the attribute of our packaging detection system?

  • doesn’t change patterns and colours
  • doesn’t take up the packaging area.
  • It is impossible to remove.
  • Doesn’t affect wear resistance.
  • Completely invisible to the recipient.
  • The control is performed using a dedicated mobile application.

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